We Give You The Idea
There are a wealth of business ideas that have been thoroughly developed but the ideator may not have the time to run the company. What happens to these ideas sitting on a shelf that just need nuturing? Ideators work with you to get the business started by supplying the vision and the plan.
You Grow The Startup
Many Startup founders have great abilities to operate a business but aren't ideas people so we marry operations with ideas to create winning startups that would otherwise be ignored. The hard work is done, Get the company to minimum viable product and scale.
A business package that includes business plan, customer discovery data, product development, marketing strategy, bootstrapping plan and a pitch deck.
A branding and marketing package that includes logos, variable ads, marketing materials, social media policies, and starter content marketing to assist with initial traction.
A digital presence package the includes a Wordpress website, social media accounts, and access to SEO and social media building tools to get the word out.
Regular mentorship with the Ideator to flesh out the vision and assist in the growth of the business as an advisor and board member of the startup to ensure success.
Access to legal assistance for business development, due diligence, incorporation, document review, patent filings, and much more to solidify your startup.
Introductions to funding opportunities. partnerships, and earlyvangelists that will facilitate scalable growth through connections and investments.
5% equity
$3000 Sign On Fee
2% equity

$3000 Sign On Fee
  • Complete Business Plan
  • Complete Marketing Plan
  • Complete Brand Strategy
  • Complete Startup Support
But don't miss out on beta!